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Reflection: As I have so often said, it’s all about love.

No matter how each gospel writer puts it, the core of Jesus’ message is the same. It is all, always, about love. Continue reading

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Reflection: When the things of God and the Emperor conflict

As Christians, we too need to refuse to give our obedience and loyalty to ‘the emperor’ if the emperor is defacing the image of God by mistreating human beings. In such cases it is only by resisting the emperor that we can give to God the things that are God’s. Continue reading

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Reflection: Matthew versus Paul?

Matthew and Paul might have vehemently disagreed about whether we need to obey the Torah, whether we had freedom from the Law, but when it comes to how we should live they are in complete agreement. We are to love one another. Continue reading

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Sermon: When commandments bring freedom

‘It is grace to know God’s commands. They release us from self-made plans and conflicts. They make our steps certain and our way joyful.’ Continue reading

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Vote ‘Yes’ for Religious Freedom

If I am wrong, and religious celebrants are forced by the state to marry any couples, I will be on the barricades and will happily join those celebrants in prison. Continue reading

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From the thesis: The Church and the Law

From the late nineteen sixties the predecessors of the Uniting Church called for the decriminalisation of male homosexuality, and in the eighties and nineties the leadership of the Uniting Church supported the addition of sexuality to the prohibited grounds of discrimination in equal opportunity legislation. Continue reading

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Should the church celebrate same-sex marriages? Well, maybe. (Neither yes nor no.)

Should the church celebrate same-sex marriage? I answer ‘maybe’. What I mean by ‘maybe’ is that marriage should be a state responsibility; that the state should marry both same-sex and different-sex couples; and that the church should bless the relationships … Continue reading

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