About this new blog and me

My name is Avril Hannah-Jones and I’m a minister in the Uniting Church in Australia and somewhat occasional and infrequent blogger. My first blog was imaginatively called “Avril at Bossey”. My second was just as imaginatively titled “Avril at Romsey”. I’ve now learned my lesson. This new blog will NOT be called “Avril at Williamstown” but will instead have a name that reflects who I am no matter where I am. Welcome to revdocgeek, which I think pretty much sums me up. The only way I could make the name of this blog more accurate would be to add ‘Auntie’ to the front of it. But Auntie RevDocGeek is just getting a little cumbersome.

I’m a minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, and I’ve recently started a new placement at the Williamstown Uniting Church – Electra St. I’ve fallen madly in love with Williamstown, even though I still miss the beauty of the Macedon Ranges, and I’m slowly eating my way through every cafe in the place. I’m gradually getting to know the people of the congregation and the wider community, and I’m hoping to stay here for a very long time.

8 Responses to About this new blog and me

  1. Maureen says:

    I love reading your wise words – please keep them coming!

  2. Bob Faser says:

    Hello, Avril. The new blog looks good. I’ve just put a link to it on mine. Bob.

  3. bobfaser says:

    Good blog, Avril.

  4. Jennifer Thummler says:

    Thought you were great on The Drum tonight.

  5. Kate Thorne says:

    Hi Avril,
    I saw with concern that your FB site had been deactivated. I just want to check that you’re OK. Cld you drop me a line? I’d hate to ode touch with you again.
    Love Kate

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