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Sermon: Overcoming demonic powers

Our worldview has no room for demons and demonic possession, except in horror films, but there are still forces stronger than individual humans that keep people imprisoned, forces from which Jesus can liberate us. There are still captivities – personal, social, economic – that dehumanise us and prevent us from living out our lives completely, and these are the captivities from which Jesus came to set us free. Continue reading

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Sermon: In which the Prophet Jonah pouts like a three-year-old

We’re reminded that it’s not the strength, boldness, courage or cleverness of prophets or disciples that allows God’s message to be heard, because Jonah is none of these things. Continue reading

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Sermon: Should the Uniting Church become Eli?

I also know that some members of the church have a more personal concern. Why are their children and grandchildren not church-goers? Their children were brought up in the church; they attended Sunday School and youth group; and then they disappeared. Continue reading

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Competing Claims for Justice: Sexuality and Race at the Eighth Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, 1997

Basically, I wrote this article as a way of working through my own pain and anger at what happened in 1997. But the fact that it was published in a peer-reviewed journal shows, I hope, that it is also a conscientious piece of historical writing. And so I offer it to anyone interested in sexuality and the Uniting Church. Continue reading

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Sermon: Jesus the refugee and the tragedy of Bethlehem

Sermon for Williamstown Uniting Church Epiphany, January 4 2015 Matthew 2:1-12 For the past month or so the soundtrack of my life has been Christmas carols. I’ve heard them whenever I’ve been shopping; I’ve played them while driving in my … Continue reading

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