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Sermon: When bad things happen

We live in a world in which, sadly, bad things do happen to good people. Continue reading

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Message to the Muslim Community

We rejoice that we live in a multi-cultural and multi-faith community … Continue reading

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Sermon: God’s motherly love

In times of difficulty, post-Royal Commission, during congregational change, grieving the Christchurch massacre, as we walk with Jesus on the road to his death during Lent, we can rely on the God who loves us as a mother and protects us as a hen protects her chicks Continue reading

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Sermon for Carlynne’s Ordination

Carlynne, it is absolutely vital that you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in opposition to the deadly hatred we see spewed by so many. Continue reading

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Prayer for Christchurch

Help us to recognise racism and white supremacy in all its forms and to repudiate it utterly. Continue reading

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Why the Uniting Church should be louder about its LGBTIQ inclusion

There is evidence to suggest that being louder about the fact that the Uniting Church unconditionally welcomes LGBTIQ people as members, ordains LGBTIQ people as ministers, and allows same-sex couples to be married in churches, is just good advertising. Continue reading

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Reflection on the sexual abuse of children

As a minister I am aware of how much respect ordained people are given by our communities, and for abusers to have misused that utterly appals me. Continue reading

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