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Sermon: Loving ‘white supremacists’

In the baptism of Jesus God acted in solidarity with all humanity; following his example let us stand in solidarity with each other. Continue reading

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A statement by Bishop Philip Huggins, President of the National Council of Churches in Australia

Australia, with our cultural diversity, is like a big therapy centre in which we all need to listen better to one another. Continue reading

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Sermon: Be careful when choosing your lodestar

There are the obviously sinful lodestars: wealth; power; consumption, but the most dangerous lodestars are those that seem benign: knowledge; family; faith. Continue reading

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So, what just happened? (An Explainer, Updated)

Originally posted on An Informed Faith:
The last six months in the Uniting Church has been something of an intense roller-coaster, revolving around the issue of marriage. Our processes are somewhat idiosyncratic and, as events unfolded, matters came down to…

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An astonishingly gracious suggestion: ‘we were wrong’

The Uniting Church in Australia has done a little of this … In what other areas do we need to say “we were wrong”? Continue reading

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