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Marriage Equality passes the Senate

We could almost have been the start of a joke: an Anglican priest, a Baptist pastor, and two Uniting Church ministers walk into Parliament House … Continue reading

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Sermon: Religious freedom

Any Christian who claims that they should be free to reject people rather than to welcome them, and to deny them service rather than to serve, is not following Christ. Continue reading

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Sermon: Worshipping false gods

Every time Christians gather together to worship is a ‘family service’ even if the worshipping community is made up entirely of unrelated single people all over the age of ninety. Continue reading

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Sermon: Sinners and Saints

We’re all in this together; all of us sinners saved only by the grace of God. We’re comrades in human solidarity, recognising in each other the same faults and failings that we find in ourselves. Continue reading

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For the newsletter: Let your light shine

Have you heard of ‘virtue signalling? The British journalist and author James Bartholomew claims to have coined it in The Spectator in 2015 after realising that Victorians gave much more to charity than contemporary British people do. He says that … Continue reading

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