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Sermon: Being wowsers, do-gooders, virtue signallers, etc

Here at the beginning of the new year we are reminded of the imperative to live out our faith by doing good, knowing that this will sometimes be misunderstood, and that we will sometimes be called names. But if we are, if people accuse us of being wowsers or do-gooders, of being woke or virtue signalling, of being hypocrites or of endorsing a particular sort of politicised virtuous liberalism, we can still rejoice. Continue reading


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Reflection: This is what it all comes down to

We human beings have a propensity for selfishness and exploitation. We naturally tend to care most about ourselves and those close to us, and least about those out of our sight. Continue reading

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Sermon: Religious freedom

Any Christian who claims that they should be free to reject people rather than to welcome them, and to deny them service rather than to serve, is not following Christ. Continue reading

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