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Sermon: Freedom, love, covid19 … and Margaret Court

Commentators from outside Melbourne were appalled that we were willing to follow such draconian rules and accused us of having Stockholm Syndrome. It was not Stockholm Syndrome. It was love. Continue reading

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Sermon: When God is a comedian

There aren’t many books of the Bible that are laugh-out-loud funny, but the Book of Jonah is one of them. Continue reading

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There are no more chances

Originally posted on Ketan Joshi:
In March 2019, an Australian white supremacist walked into a mosque, armed with a shotgun, and killed 51 people, including a two year old boy. The man who enacted those killings wanted to wipe out…

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Reflection: Bad theology is dangerous

‘The mob carried signs and flag declaring ‘Jesus Saves!’ and ‘God, guns & guts made America, let’s keep all three’. Some were participants in the Jericho March, a gathering of Christians to “pray, march, fast, and rally for election integrity.”’ Bad theology can lead people to storm the Capitol Building, trying to overturn the results of a democratic election. Continue reading

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Reflection: Chaos and Creation

As Australians watching, we need to celebrate those striving for justice and condemn those fighting to overturn a democratic election. And we need to ensure that in our own country, we do the same; that as part of the Australian community we are on the side of love and justice. Because that is the side of God. Continue reading

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