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Sermon: Friendship, refugees, asylum seekers, and a birthday

In the story of David and Jonathan, as in the story of Ruth and Naomi, we see that Jesus’ ancestors valued friendship as highly as Jesus himself did. We are called to follow in the footsteps of them all, and be friends with people across the barriers of age and birthplace and tradition. Continue reading


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Reflection: Two and a half days in to the Ration Challenge

Two and a half days in I am not hungry, or feeling deprived at all. But I am feeling a little bored at my menu choices. Continue reading

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Sermon: Be afraid, be very afraid. Jesus and family values

Sermon for Williamstown Uniting Church Pentecost 2, 7th of June 2015 Mark 3:20-35 Be afraid, be very afraid. After the joy of the Easter season, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday, the church is now in ‘Ordinary Time’ and this year that … Continue reading

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