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Sermon: The beauty of the mountains

Mountains are beautiful, but even if we feel ourselves to be living on the plain, even if our lives seem weary, stale, flat and unprofitable, God’s Son, the Messiah, walks beside us on the exodus that will ultimately lead us to the kingdom of God. Continue reading

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Sermon: Do as you would be done by? Not necessarily

A world in which people of every faith and of none treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves would undoubtedly be an improvement on the world as it is. But that is not what Jesus is asking of us. Instead, Jesus tells his followers to treat others as they have not treated us Continue reading


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Sermon: Of equal worth

In the eyes of God, however, every human life is equally important. To God, our lives are without price, so valuable that in Jesus God was willing to die for us. And the same is true of every other person: those we love; those we know: those we will never meet. From God’s perspective, we are all equal and we are, all of us, priceless. Continue reading

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Sermon: Exercising our gifts

one ministry that absolutely does not depend on being active and mobile is the ministry of prayer. I do not want to say that ‘anyone can pray,’ because for me one of the signs that my clinical depression is becoming acute is an inability to pray, but it is true that prayer does not require the person praying be filled with youthful vigour. It can be done as well, if not better, by the elderly and frail as by the young and strong. Continue reading

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