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Sermon: The Glory of God

These three stories of encounters with the absolute holiness of God, which all emphasise the feelings of unworthiness of the humans to whom they happen, end, somewhat paradoxically, with calls to mission and ministry. Continue reading

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Sermon: Is Isaiah a role model for volunteers? (National Volunteer Week)

In the same way, Isaiah keeps prophesying even though he knows he will fail, and we keep offering our best efforts to the church community to which God has called us even if we don’t know what success would look like. It’s counter-intuitive, and it’s why volunteering is the wrong word. Instead we should talk about ministry, or service, or even about acts of love. Continue reading

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Sermon: The Trinity is a celebration; not a maths problem

I hope this is giving you a sense of why the doctrine of the Trinity excites me. (Yes, I am the sort of geek who gets excited by theological doctrines.) Continue reading

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