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Sermon: Choose to believe – at the core of the cosmos is love

… why not make the choice to believe that the Creator of the cosmos loves us, that love is at the core of the universe, and that God has come as close to us as a next-of-kin, as this psalm tells us? If we hold on to this, then we can look up at heavens and the firmament and believe that we are just as important to God as they are. Continue reading


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Sermon: Counting our blessings

I do encourage you to follow Bonhoeffer’s example in lockdown and be grateful for the little things, including being allowed outside and able to observe the coming of Spring. I am, as your minister, encouraging you to count your blessings. Continue reading

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Sermon: Blaming God

We may have ultimate faith that God is love, that God responds to our suffering with compassion, but in those times when we cannot feel God’s love, the heritage of our faith tells us that kicking and screaming and blaming God for God’s absence is also a faithful response. Continue reading

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Sermon: As we go into lockdown again, God is with us.

This week, as we experience the worry and frustration of another lockdown, the doctrine of the Trinity tells us that the God who created the universe is with us, closer than our breath, and among us, holding our community together while we must stay apart. I hope that that is a comfort to you through these next few days. God is with us. Continue reading

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Reflection: From prison comes joy

Reflection for North Balwyn Uniting Church27th of September, 2020 Matthew 21:23-32Philippians 2:1-13 Between last week’s reading from the Gospel according to Matthew, when Jesus told those around him the parable of merciful employer, and this week’s reading, in which there … Continue reading

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Covid19 Diary 5

I thought I was sympathetic enough to people in prison and immigration detention, and to those like the Palestinians behind the ‘Separation Wall’ who can’t travel freely. I wasn’t. Continue reading

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