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Sermon: Choose to believe – at the core of the cosmos is love

… why not make the choice to believe that the Creator of the cosmos loves us, that love is at the core of the universe, and that God has come as close to us as a next-of-kin, as this psalm tells us? If we hold on to this, then we can look up at heavens and the firmament and believe that we are just as important to God as they are. Continue reading

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Sermon: Counting our blessings

I do encourage you to follow Bonhoeffer’s example in lockdown and be grateful for the little things, including being allowed outside and able to observe the coming of Spring. I am, as your minister, encouraging you to count your blessings. Continue reading

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Sermon: Blaming God

We may have ultimate faith that God is love, that God responds to our suffering with compassion, but in those times when we cannot feel God’s love, the heritage of our faith tells us that kicking and screaming and blaming God for God’s absence is also a faithful response. Continue reading

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Sermon: A story without an ending

I suspect that the reason the resurrection was announced first to women was because too often women have not been believed when they speak, women’s testimony has not been taken seriously. The God who created both male and female in God’s own image might be making a point. Continue reading

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Sermon: Living in the face of death

I am almost sure that this was not what the writer of the books of Kings intended, but for me today’s story is a parable about love in the face of death. When everything tells us to turn back, not to take the hard journey of love, if we have the courage to continue to love we see a revelation of God. Continue reading

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Sermon: Putting one foot in front of the other

Reflection for North Balwyn Uniting Church 7th of February 2021 Isaiah 40:21-31 Psalm 147 Mark 1:29-39 We woke up on Thursday morning to a new case of community transmission in Victoria. The covid19 journey is truly a wild rollercoaster of … Continue reading

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Sermon: Freedom, love, covid19 … and Margaret Court

Commentators from outside Melbourne were appalled that we were willing to follow such draconian rules and accused us of having Stockholm Syndrome. It was not Stockholm Syndrome. It was love. Continue reading

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Reflection: The light still shines

Let those of us who can join the shepherds, and glorify and praise God for all we have heard and seen. But to those who are still living in deep darkness, I offer you this small light: the God who loves you is always with you. May you know that you are held in God’s loving embrace, today and always. Amen. Continue reading

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Covid19 Diary 12

Samuel Pepys: October 5, 1665The Bill, blessed be God, is less this week by 740 [deaths] of what it was last week. Today, for the first time in months, the number of deaths from covid19 over the past twenty-four hours … Continue reading

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Covid19 Diary 11

One thing that has become incredibly obvious this week has been just how broken the mainstream media is in Australia Continue reading

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