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Vote ‘Yes’ for Religious Freedom

If I am wrong, and religious celebrants are forced by the state to marry any couples, I will be on the barricades and will happily join those celebrants in prison. Continue reading

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The Joy of Giving at Christmas (and I’m serious about that title)

I may pretend I’m a ‘Bah! Humbug!’ Scrooge, but, really, I’m the Scrooge who wakes up on Christmas morning and goes on a massive shopping spree. Continue reading

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From the thesis: The Church and the Law

From the late nineteen sixties the predecessors of the Uniting Church called for the decriminalisation of male homosexuality, and in the eighties and nineties the leadership of the Uniting Church supported the addition of sexuality to the prohibited grounds of discrimination in equal opportunity legislation. Continue reading

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Reflection: Help me, great and powerful internet community

I have twelve bookcases in my two-bedroom flat. I live surrounded by several thousand books – and as long I don’t leave a lighted candle too close to any of them this isn’t a problem. But I also live surrounded by … Continue reading

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Reflection: Very, very initial and tentative thoughts on Palestine and Israel

I have returned from Palestine and Israel a more fervent supporter of the two state solution than I was when I entered it. There must be two states in the Holy Land, where Jews, Christians and Muslims can live in peace. There is no alternative. In support of this, countries like Australia much condemn all breaches of international law, whoever commits them. Continue reading

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Speech: #BustTheBudget

We’re not a country divided into lifters and leaners. We’re a community of neighbours who care for each other. At least, that’s the Australia I want to be part of. Continue reading

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Some relaxing reading

This is a lovely, gentle romance; almost a ‘Georgette Heyer’ set in Scotland. I can understand why of all Bruce’s “Colmskirk” stories this was the one most reprinted. The bits of Scots might be a little hard for some to … Continue reading

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