There is no ‘war on Christianity’ in Australia

This was going to be in this Sunday’s sermon, but there’s no room for it. But it took me ages to find the correct Synod Minute, so I’m sticking it here so that I will remember it.

There is no ‘war on Christianity’. Christianity is simply losing its privilege. Many Australians are no longer Christian and so we cannot assume that everyone is happy praying the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of the parliamentary day, for instance. And the Uniting Church has long said that we do not want the right to discriminate against people on the basis of race, disability, age, breastfeeding, industrial activity, status as a carer, physical features, political belief or activity, parental status, pregnancy, gender identity, marital status,  sex, or sexual orientation (Synod of Victoria and Tasmania Minute so laws that prevent religious schools from firing LGBTIQ+ staff or expelling LGBTIQ+ students do not worry us.

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