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There is no ‘war on Christianity’ in Australia

This was going to be in this Sunday’s sermon, but there’s no room for it. But it took me ages to find the correct Synod Minute, so I’m sticking it here so that I will remember it. There is no … Continue reading

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Sermon: Jesus’ female ancestors

I lived through a ‘think of the children’ scare campaign as a young gay woman; I do not appreciate politicians, political candidates, and neo-Nazis replaying it with trans people today. Continue reading

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What is Queer Theology?

Queer theology reminds Christianity that at its core it is, or should be, about love. The God we worship is in God’s very self a community of love, the God whose love spills out in Creation, the God who became human out of love for us, the God who goes willingly into exile with God’s people, the God who remains with us on the margins when the centre rejects us. Continue reading

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Why the Uniting Church should be louder about its LGBTIQ inclusion

There is evidence to suggest that being louder about the fact that the Uniting Church unconditionally welcomes LGBTIQ people as members, ordains LGBTIQ people as ministers, and allows same-sex couples to be married in churches, is just good advertising. Continue reading

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Reflection on the sexual abuse of children

As a minister I am aware of how much respect ordained people are given by our communities, and for abusers to have misused that utterly appals me. Continue reading

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Sermon: Love and Solidarity

In Jesus God is acting in solidarity with humanity, and so be watching what Jesus does we can see what we are called to do; what it means to be human beings living in relationship with God. Continue reading

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