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Sermon: Exercising our gifts

one ministry that absolutely does not depend on being active and mobile is the ministry of prayer. I do not want to say that ‘anyone can pray,’ because for me one of the signs that my clinical depression is becoming acute is an inability to pray, but it is true that prayer does not require the person praying be filled with youthful vigour. It can be done as well, if not better, by the elderly and frail as by the young and strong. Continue reading

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Sermon for Carlynne’s Ordination

Carlynne, it is absolutely vital that you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in opposition to the deadly hatred we see spewed by so many. Continue reading

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Sermon: Love and Solidarity

In Jesus God is acting in solidarity with humanity, and so be watching what Jesus does we can see what we are called to do; what it means to be human beings living in relationship with God. Continue reading

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Sermon: God-Humanity Solidarity

Sermon for Williamstown The First Sunday of Lent, 22nd of February 2015 Genesis 9:8-17 Mark 1:9-15 I’ve mentioned before that the Gospel according to Mark is a short, quick, intense gospel. Today this is a huge benefit for us, because … Continue reading

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Sermon; When life is utterly unfair …

Sermon for Williamstown Uniting Church 15th of June, 2014 Genesis 1:1-2:4a Psalm 8 One of the things that I love most about being a minister is that as part of that role people include me in the most important moments … Continue reading

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Reflection for the funeral of Jemima Pearson Campbell Hannah

Scripture Readings Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 – Read by Murray Hannah-Jones Romans 8:37-39 – Read by Samantha Bykersma The word of the Lord. Thanks be to God.  Preaching of the Word We are gathered here today to say good-bye to Jemima Pearson … Continue reading

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In which Avril is very excited (and moved) by an exchange of tweets

A few weeks ago I was one of the guests on the fabulous Doctor Who-based podcast Splendid Chaps. If you’re a fan of the Doctor and you haven’t found this podcast, go check it out NOW. It’s a wonderful fiftieth-anniversary … Continue reading

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Prolegomena on the use of Social Media in Ministry

Over the past decade social media have taken over the world; or at least those parts of the world with access to the internet. As may appear obvious, social media are called that because they’re social; in contrast to broadcast … Continue reading

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Living a privileged life – and abusing that privilege

This morning I took two small children to child care. They hadn’t known that the person coming from church to collect them from their house would be me, and so I was greeted with exuberant bouncing. Their mother asked: ‘Are … Continue reading

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