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Sermon: With gentleness and reverence

I have also found it incredibly heartening to hear why these people believe that they have been called into ministry in the Uniting Church. Most often, they talk of the inclusivity of the Uniting Church, of our diversity, of the way in which we respect each other’s differences and do not demand that everyone follow our way of being Christian. We are an entire Church that shares our faith ‘with gentleness and reverence’; that seeks to find common ground between us and those who are not Christian. Continue reading

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Sermon: One example of evangelism

Reflection for Western Heights Uniting Church The Sixth Sunday of Easter, 17th of May 2020 Acts 17:22-31 I seem to have accidentally started a series of ‘reflections on the sermons preached in the Book of Acts’. Two weeks ago we … Continue reading

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Sermon: What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me)

It is, as I have said so many times that I’m sure you’re sick of it, the heart of the Christian faith. We. Are. Loved. Continue reading

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