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Reflection: Killing people is wrong

It does not matter if Australia is racist and hypocritical, that still does not justify the judicial murder that is the death penalty. Continue reading

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Sermon: Love in truth and action, not word or speech

Sermon for Williamstown 26th of April 2015 John 10:11-18; 1 John 3:16-24 Earlier this week, on the ABC program Q&A, Australia’s Trade Minister, Andrew Robb, argued that Muslim clerics weren’t doing enough to prevent the radicalisation of Muslim youth. He … Continue reading

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Reflection: Saying good-bye to Nanna

“It is the blight man was born for/It is Margaret you mourn for.” Continue reading

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“We know love by this, that Christ laid down his life for us” (Easter 4B / 100th Anniversary of ANZAC Day, 26 April 2015)

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Readings 1 John 3.16–24 John 10.11–18 I hate militarism. I loathe nationalism. But I honour those who serve. Sam Neill How do we speak on a day like this? At this very…

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A very short reflection for an ANZAC Day service

Who would imagine, as we see them thus filled with hatred of one another, that they are all of one common stock, all of the same nature, all members of the same human society? Who would recognise brothers, whose Father is in Heaven?’ Continue reading

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Reflection: Help me, great and powerful internet community

I have twelve bookcases in my two-bedroom flat. I live surrounded by several thousand books – and as long I don’t leave a lighted candle too close to any of them this isn’t a problem. But I also live surrounded by … Continue reading

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Sermon: Mark the meta-narrator and the hope of resurrection

Mark is writing a meta-narrative, the sort of story that leaps from the page or the screen into the everyday lives of the readers or viewers. Continue reading

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