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Sermon: Don’t accept injustice (Part 3)

The Book of Job is absolutely anti-prosperity gospel. The good are not always rewarded; the bad are not always punished. When people suffer and cry out to God our best response is not to defend God and tell them that God has a plan. Continue reading

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Women Celebrating Justice: Reflection for the Victorian Country Women’s Association

In 1928 when the CWA opened ‘rest rooms’ throughout Victoria it was overturning an injustice that meant that women couldn’t travel far from home. We all know how important it is for women to have access to toilets; even today some girls leave school when they start menstruating because they don’t have access to water and toilets. So well done to those very first members of the CWA! Continue reading

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Sermon: Absolutely Appropriate Anger

At the very least, when young people facing the injustice of the world express anger at that injustice, even in language we much more mature people find intemperate, we could attack the injustice and not them. Continue reading

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Sermon: Mary the Magnificent

There’s no doubt that Mary and Jesus are mother and son; both of them are radical re-makers of the world. Neither of them is particularly meek and mild. Continue reading

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Sermon: Justice and Mercy

In Jesus we see that God is not working with a rights and rewards scale and making exceptions, but simply loving humanity. Continue reading

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Sermon: Responding to the American Presidential Election

But what I have never done before is talked about a particular politician. That’s the line I’m crossing today. Today I’m going to talk about the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. Continue reading

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Sermon: More about justice (really, Avril is obsessed)

Whenever we find ourselves tired and frustrated by injustice in the world, remember the story of the campaign against slavery. Continue reading

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