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Sermon: Palm Sunday Protests

There can be no ‘Walk for Justice for Refugees’, which churches and community groups have held on this Sunday for years as our government’s attacks on people seeking asylum have got worse. We are seeing a very different Palm Sunday, a much more subdued one than we would normally experience. But its importance, its message, remains the same. Continue reading

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Palm Sunday Sermon for the combined service

we can work for peace, justice and reconciliation with complete confidence, because God has already won the victory Continue reading

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Sermon: Be careful when choosing your lodestar

There are the obviously sinful lodestars: wealth; power; consumption, but the most dangerous lodestars are those that seem benign: knowledge; family; faith. Continue reading

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Submission: Religious Freedom

As a minister and member of the Uniting Church I am committed to the recognition and protection of all human rights. Continue reading

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Marriage Equality passes the Senate

We could almost have been the start of a joke: an Anglican priest, a Baptist pastor, and two Uniting Church ministers walk into Parliament House … Continue reading

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I’m fine!

Just a note, since I seem to have worried some people. I’ve deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts because I’ve decided that being called satanic and told that I’m heading straight for hell over my support for marriage equality is … Continue reading

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Sermon: White supremacy is blasphemy

It was the faith that I hold that they were perverting, and the cultural background that I have that they were claiming to protect, and I take that personally. Continue reading

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