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Reflection for ANZAC Day

Today we remember all those affected by war; commemorate all those who were injured or killed in war; mourn with all those who lost people they loved; recognise all those who conscientiously refused to fight. We also pledge ourselves to do everything possible to prevent war, so that future generations will not have to experience its horrors. Continue reading

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Reflection for ANZAC Day

Let us use ANZAC Day to commit ourselves to be agents of reconciliation. Continue reading

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Reflection: The centenary of the Armistice

“War is an ancient imposter, but none of his masks and smiles and gallant trumpets can any longer delude us …” Continue reading

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Sermon: Forgiveness, not sacrifice

Sermon for Williamstown Uniting Church ANZAC Service – 22nd of April, 2018 Have any of you seen the recent film Good-Bye Christopher Robin? It flashes forwards and backwards between the two World Wars and the period between them. It begins … Continue reading

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A very short reflection for an ANZAC Day service

Who would imagine, as we see them thus filled with hatred of one another, that they are all of one common stock, all of the same nature, all members of the same human society? Who would recognise brothers, whose Father is in Heaven?’ Continue reading

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A couple of book reviews: Prester John and The Setons

I’ve been having a bit of a Buchan-fest, reading the works of John Buchan and his sister Anna, who wrote as O. Douglas. They were writing a century ago, and I’ve been pondering the ‘datedness’ of their books. I had … Continue reading

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