About this blog and me

My name is Avril Hannah-Jones and I’m a minister in the Uniting Church in Australia and somewhat occasional and infrequent blogger. After six years as minister to four small congregations in the Macedon Ranges, and six more years as minister to a bigger congregation in Williamstown, both in Victoria, I am currently ‘between placement’ and waiting to see where the Church will send me next. In the meantime, I’m doing ‘supply ministry’ in a church in Geelong and sharing a house with my mother (which means I’m getting lots of meals cooked for me).

8 Responses to About this blog and me

  1. Maureen says:

    I love reading your wise words – please keep them coming!

  2. Bob Faser says:

    Hello, Avril. The new blog looks good. I’ve just put a link to it on mine. Bob.

  3. bobfaser says:

    Good blog, Avril.

  4. Jennifer Thummler says:

    Thought you were great on The Drum tonight.

  5. Kate Thorne says:

    Hi Avril,
    I saw with concern that your FB site had been deactivated. I just want to check that you’re OK. Cld you drop me a line? I’d hate to ode touch with you again.
    Love Kate

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