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Sermon: Where, O death, is now your sting?

If we ever worry that our sins, our faults and failings, make us unimportant, unacceptable, unlovable, that we deserve punishment rather than acceptance, then we can rejoice. Jesus said that he came to bring mercy, not sacrifice, and God affirmed Jesus’ teachings in the resurrection. Continue reading

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Sermon: Christ is Risen!

Today, Easter Sunday, is a day of celebration. It is a story of apparent defeat turning into a great victory; of sorrow becoming joy. It is about the triumph of life over death; love over hate. This year, of all years, in the midst of a pandemic, unable to gather together to celebrate, we need to hear this message. Continue reading

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Talk for Wisdom’s Feast: Why the Church of Latter Day Geeks

As part of Wisdom’s Feast, a conference and education event held at the Uniting Church’s Centre for Theology and Ministry, six people were asked to give short talks on something about which they felt passionate. I wasn’t given a choice … Continue reading

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