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Sermon: The women in the Gospel according to Luke

Maybe what Jesus is telling us is to focus on the one thing immediately in front of us as we do it, whether that is preparing a meal for a guest, or sitting with that same guest and paying attention to what they are saying. Maybe this is a story about being ‘pure in heart,’ as we translate one of the Beatitudes, having a single focus on whatever it is that we are doing, to do it well and to the glory of God. Continue reading

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Sermon: The Unexpected Lydia

One of the reasons for declining church membership is simply that in twenty-first century Australia there is declining membership of everything. But unlike unions, sports clubs, and political parties, churches believe that we have God on our side, which leaves us with Judas’ question: ‘Lord, how is it that you will reveal yourself to us, and not to the world?’ Continue reading

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Sermon: Why is Esther in the Bible?

The Book of Esther is a counter-narrative to that. Life is complicated, and while our religion and our scriptures can provide us with some explanations, there are times when our questions remain unanswered. Continue reading

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Sermon: Not just those like us

this encounter between Jesus and a Gentile woman can remind us of the words attributed to John Wesley: ‘Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.’ Continue reading

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Reflection: Gender Equality in Jesus’ healings

You may have noticed my tendency to talk about the way that Jesus treated women, the way he welcomed them as equals in a patriarchal society. That is not just because gender equality is a personal obsession of mine; it is because this equality is a characteristic of the new community that Jesus created, the body of Christ. Continue reading

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Sermon: Who is welcome? Foreigners and women

Why is the story read this way? Because if this is not the story of a mincing and coy harlot who is trying to distract Jesus from her sins, then what we have here is a story of Jesus seriously engaging with a foreign woman who asks a theological question. Continue reading

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Women Celebrating Justice: Reflection for the Victorian Country Women’s Association

In 1928 when the CWA opened ‘rest rooms’ throughout Victoria it was overturning an injustice that meant that women couldn’t travel far from home. We all know how important it is for women to have access to toilets; even today some girls leave school when they start menstruating because they don’t have access to water and toilets. So well done to those very first members of the CWA! Continue reading

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Sermon: Putting it all together

The journey to faith isn’t instantaneous and it isn’t simply a matter of reading and understanding the Scriptures. Faith comes from the disciples’ encounters with the risen Jesus, in which everything they’ve heard and learned is integrated with what they’ve experienced. Continue reading

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Sermon: Against Domestic Violence

Looking at the example of Jesus, we can be equally clear that gender equality and the complete condemnation of domestic violence are gospel imperatives. Continue reading

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Sermon: Women behaving badly and making history

Sermon for the third Sunday of Advent 15th of December 2013 Matthew 1:1-17 Were you surprised by today’s Gospel reading? I have to confess that this morning I cheated. The lectionary reading for this Sunday comes from the 11th chapter … Continue reading

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