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Reflection: Called to make peace

Perhaps this year, 2020, is the year when comfortable middle-class Australians like me are most aware that the grass withers and the flowers fade and that we, human beings, are grass. Continue reading

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Sermon: The greater righteousness (1)

it is the story of a righteousness that doesn’t stand on the letter of the law, but instead offers justice and mercy and faith Continue reading

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Sermon for Advent 2: Peace

We are not important or powerful in the eyes of the world, any more than John the Baptist was. But we are the children of God, and so we are called to help create a world in which everyone can walk in the ways of peace. Continue reading

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Sermon: How can we celebrate Advent in a world without Peace

There are many, many other places around the world where an absence of conflict is misnamed ‘peace’. I’m reminded of a very famous quote from the first-century Roman historian Tacitus’ history of Rome’s conquest of Scotland. Tacitus writes a rousing speech that he puts into the mouth of the British leader, Calgacus, in which he says of the Romans: ‘They make a desert and call it peace.’ Continue reading

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