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The supposedly-Chinese (but probably really English) curse is: “May you live in interesting times”. Times have certainly become interesting! We do not know how COVID19 will affect us; we have already had to make changes to the way we live; and undoubtedly there will be many more changes before this pandemic is over.

However, some things will stay the same. Even if we cannot gather together, we will still be a community. Even if we cannot attend a Sunday morning service, we will still be able to worship God together – maybe virtually. (I absolutely hate being filmed, so my big corona virus sacrifice might be allowing myself to be videoed.) Whatever happens, we will continue to be the people of God, loving God and one another through this crisis.

We already pray for each other and for those in need in the world. Please continue to do that. Please also pray for the medical staff, who will put themselves at risk to care for the sick; for our leaders, who are having to make very difficult decisions; and for the poorest people in our community, including asylum seekers and others without access to government help. This will hit them hardest.

May God bless you and keep you in the days ahead.

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