Prayer for the times: Climate Emergency and Bushfires

Creator God,
you made a world of wonder and declared it ‘good’.
You provided everything that was needed for life to flourish;
creation rejoiced at the work of your hands.

Yet today your good creation is in crisis.
Oceans are rising: Pacific nations face salinity and inundation.
Temperatures are rising; the very old and very young are vulnerable.
Fires are burning out of control; people and properties, animals and birds, are at risk.We pray for all those affected by the climate crisis.
We hold in our hearts before you those who have lost homes and loved ones;
those who have had to evacuate;
those whose livelihoods have been destroyed;
those whose lives will never be the same.
We pray for them all.
Please give them the strength and comfort they need,
now, and in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

We also pray for all emergency service personnel and volunteers;
those who are fighting the fires;
those who are providing material and pastoral aid;
those who are having to make life and death decisions today;
those who will have to make decisions about how to respond in the years to come.
Be with them all;
keep them safe;
enable them to do the right thing at the right time.

Creator God,
you made a world of wonder, and our greed and stupidity is destroying it.
Help us to change;
to acknowledge where we have done the wrong thing;
to repent of actions and attitudes that have contributed to the climate emergency.

Give us the grace to learn from the knowledge of scientists and indigenous people;
the strength to reject the lies of the deniers;
and the courage to change our existing ways of life.

Support the politicians and leaders who will have to do the right thing,
rather than the popular thing;
and be with the farmers, miners,
and all those whose jobs will need to change.
Help us to respond together, as a community,
so that no one group of people will have to bear the burdens that belong to us all.

Creator God,
we make these prayers in the name of your Son,
our Lord, Mother, and Friend Jesus Christ,
who entered into Creation and lived as one of us,
to show us just how much you love us all.

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