Archbishop of Canterbury takes up the cudgels

The churches are speaking up in the UK.

Niall Cooper

Justin WelbyThe Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, stepped up what the Daily Mail described as his ‘war of words with the government over welfare’ today, challenging Government ministers over food banks and their derogatory language about people in poverty.

Dr Welby’s riposte to Lord Freud on foodbanks

Dr Welby’s comments came in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning (9 July).  He specifically challenged Government minister Lord Freud who suggested last week there was an “almost infinite demand” for the free food supplied by food banks.

The Archbishop questioned where Lord Freud “got his information from” on food bank use after the welfare reform minister was reported last week as saying: “It is difficult to know which came first – supply or demand.”  Mr Welby highlighted Church analysis that showed that in Durham 35 per cent of people using food banks were referred by social services because they…

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    Loved reading this tthank you

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